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I wore the flag for Independence Day celebrations (in the year 2014) in my college. Even after the function, I had continued to wear it everyday. Whenever I’d give my uniform for laundry, the maid would take it off and later would pin it on the pocket; each morning I’d notice it on my pocket and would pin it back on my collar while getting ready for college. It had somehow become a habit to wear it to college everyday. Then in February 2015, my father pointed out one day at the breakfast that I’ve been wearing it regularly for quite a while now and said “Very good! Always keep wearing it. Keep your identity close to your heart”.
When he said that, I saw pure pride in his eyes; pride that I had never seen before even when I brought home big shiny ‘trophies’. That literally brought tears of joy in my eyes and I decided had then, that I would never take if off. I started wearing the flag because of a function, which later became a habit, then it became something that made my parents proud, and now it is my identity – my country is my identification.
One fine day of March at my college while the exam fever was at it’s peak, I was roaming in the whole building finding teachers to submit my assignments, when a fellow student saw me descending down the stairs. In college we had different departments due to different majors, so we rarely met. When she saw me she said,
“Dude you are still wearing it?!”
When she noticed my blank expression, she pointed towards my collar. I smiled when I realized she’s talking about my flag.
“It’s been quite a time,” she continued, “since 14th August passed and Pakistan has been ‘GONE’ for a long time now…”
“NO!” I said “Pakistan is here and so are we all. We won’t let it go anywhere.”
“You with your glass always full” she shook her head at my optimism and belief.
“Sorry if your eye for ‘values’ need glasses,” I smiled, “but this ‘glass’ was always full. All we have to do is remember our full glass, love and protect it”hdwallpapersnews
She gave me a look in disbelief and changed the topic.
Later that day, I thought about the conversation and realized that not so long ago I was just like my friend: not sodevoted to my own country, always thinking of continuing my studies abroad – bottom line ‘not patriotic’. So what was it that changed me? I believe it was wearing that green flag every day and whenever I’d look into the mirror, I’d feel more proud each day. Maybe it was all just in my head but that flag really changed me; it awoke the patriot in me, made me love and respect my country.
Looking at your country from a patriot’s eye doesn’t mean that you don’t see the bad going on. No you see everything, the good and the bad; difference is that you are motivated to correct all the bad so you could always have the conviction that your country is superior – “you make your country superior.”

Written by:
Tahniat Saba,
Revolution Flame.

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