We Are Pakistan

December 25, 2015 - 2 minutes read

we pakistanNothing like our Pakistan is in the world entire

It’s our beautiful garden, we it’s warbling choir

We may wander far from home or ever be exiled
Still we have it in our hearts, in front of our eyes

The highest mountain of the world, the neighbor of the skies

That tough and tall watchman guards us day and night

Five rivers criss­cross through its plains and wilds

Because of which our garden competes with paradise aisle

The mangoes of Multan, the peaches of Swat

Apples of Ziarat, the sub-tropical dry forests of Attock

Our National Cricket Team, the symbol of our pride

Sixes of Afridi and Saeed Ajmal’s bowling style

Divine shadow is upon us to keep our name alive

Though the world, for decades, has been to us hostile

Romans, Egyptians or Greeks all vanity out of sight

But our name still lives on despite of time and tide

Our brave and mighty soldiers, set to lay their lives

The “Nara­ e­ Takbeer”, their only source of might

Cast or creed does not teach us to harbor mutual spite

We are Pakistanis once and for all, Pakistan our land of pride

Wake up O’ my people, the time finally arrives

The time to join hands and unite

Spread the clarion call from home to home until

Not a single person is left behind

Keep struggling hard O’ friend; sun of success is on the rise

Remember, only in hard work, the secret of success doth lie

Written by: Hassam Khan Alizai

Photo credit: thenextweb.com

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