The Wintertime Olympics

January 25, 2016 - 4 minutes read


Sports have always been enjoyed by humans from prehistoric times till this modern age. Not only humans but animals also love to play games too. For example, when the lion’s cub tries to strangle its father, the king of the jungle pretends to act hurt for the cub’s encouragement. The biggest event that sets the stage for the sport talents to showcase their skills is Olympics. Everyone loves olympics to their heart.

Olympics comes once in four years hence is the most awaited. It is an age old tradition first started from Athens by the Greeks. The first event that was organized five years after the International Summer Olympics in 1896 were the Nordic Games held in Sweden but only Scandinavian countries participated in the Nordic Games. Hence in 1911 IOC proposed separate event to be organized for 1912 Stockholm Winter Games. Sweden declined the offer as it will replace Nordic Games.

In 1921 the decision was finalized for Winter Sports Week to be held in Chamoix, France in January 1924. The 1924 Winter Olympics, officially known as the I Olympic Winter Games, were a winter multi-sport event which was held in 1924 in Chamonix, France. Initially it was called the ‘Winter’s Sports Week’ but later officially called the I Winter Olympics. It included all the winter games which couldn’t be played in the summers. It lasted a week starting from 25th January – 5th February 1924. Sixteen nations participated and the Olympics was aired in 35 different countries. There were total 258 athletes; 11 women and 247 men and 10,004 paying spectators were recorded.


The famous American author Joyce Johnson very beautifully describes the Olympic season,

How lucky I, to have the time

To watch Olympics all the day

I have not written one small rhyme

For fear I’ll miss some of the play

 To watch Olympics all the day

Means I don’t get my housework done

For fear I’ll miss some of the play

In London town its rain or sun

Everyone is different and loves to express themselves differently. Some people love to express themselves through dance moves, some write poems or articles, some compose a symphony, others might paint but an athlete expresses himself through his performance in his most favorite sport. This he does by maintaining balance of enthusiasm and trying to come up to the audience’s expectations, motivating and inspiring others. It is just not an event for sports but also serves as a platform of expressing oneself, showing one’s talents and winning and breaking of hearts too. It is a stage where discipline matters more than the victory.

 For athletes, the Olympics are the ultimate test of their worth

~Mary Lou Retton

World these days has become a hub of prejudices but Olympics is an event where all can participate regardless of skin color, gender, or race. It is an enriching experience for every nation moral where athletes and organizers work untiringly towards their country. There is no better example of how the world can be united than the Olympics.

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