Come, fall in love with Chicken

March 21, 2016 - 4 minutes read


Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without something so essential, something so important, and something so key that without it, you wouldn’t be able to live? If that something disappeared from your life one day, what would you do? Where would you go? How will you survive? Human beings on a normal day can point out several things like that from the top of their heads. Things like parents, cell phones, internet etc are all great examples for that category.

But there is one other thing in that list. They might not realize it but it has existed in that list for as long as history3 has put it there. And knowing the average tendency of the average person, it is a basic necessity. We all adore those majestic creatures. We all want them in our lives. They are fun to play with, they are a source of income for those who breed them, and they provide us with some of the best memes and source of entertainment on the net. But most of all, they taste awesome when deep fried. Yes!!!!! The thing on our list is none other than chicken.

We all want it, we all need it, and we all eat it unless you are vegetarian. But who doesn’t like to pet little chicks, use eggs for most of their cooking and admit it. Most of us have spent a childhood chasing a chicken just to pass the time. (I know I have). Poultry is the common term used for all kinds of chicken, hens, roosters, chicks and even fowl. Nowadays, the idea of processed food is so widespread that 80% of food consists of chicken or eggs. Poultry has revolutionized the food industry and all the top chefs usually can’t do without a chicken in their cupboard. It tastes good cold, it tastes good fried, it even tastes good with vegetables and yes meat lovers, I am serious.

2Besides the meat, we all need eggs. Boiled, fried, omelet, cakes, sunny side up, the perfect combo morning meal, the essential ingredient in everyday breakfast, the key factor in spoon race which without the game would have to be played with rocks (that would be boring), eggs are on that list too I am afraid. And poultry is the main provider of eggs worldwide. This industry is so large that people have become billionaires investing in poultry. For those of you who thought investing on a chicken was a fool’s choice. That fool is now making enough to buy anything he wants. And nowadays, it continues to be a key ingredient for revenue all over the world.

So this is a salute to those magnificent creatures. For making it on the list. For being there when we needed them. For tasting so finger licking good. They earned that spot on the list and until scientists introduce a chocolate that never runs out, they will stay on that list. Poultry will always have a place in our hearts and most of us would love to hug a chicken just to show them, we wouldn’t be able to live a week without you in our lives or in our stomach. So, continue to stay the same, never change and always taste this good especially when served crispy.

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