Pakistan’s Emerging Talent- Nasir Iqbal Khan

March 20, 2016 - 12 minutes read

Current Pakistan and Asian No 1 Squash Champion


Four of his first five PSA World Tour titles came in his home country before he took to the United States to win the Emerson Racquet Club Pro Series in January 2014.Iqbal earned his first PSA M15 title at the Pakistan International Circuit two months later and he returned to win two consecutive titles in Pakistan at the beginning of 2015.
He picked up his 10th PSA World Tour title at the President Gold Cup in November of that year which moved him inside the top 40 players in the world the following month. Currently he is world no 35.

Nasir’s introduction by his own self

Before interview I would like to introduce myself and want to let the readers know about my background, I was from the background which was completely unaware of this beautiful and thrilling game of squash, even my entire city (Bannu) doesn’t has neither a single squash player, nor any awareness of this game. When I started my game my elder brother (Tahir Iqbal khan) was already in this game he was international junior player. I was too young when I won the prestigious British junior open and pioneer junior open under-13 category in England and Germany in 2007, as I don’t remember about situations of that time but as long as I was growing up my father and my brother was endorsing only one thing to my mind, that we have great champions in this game, we ruled for more than 40 years on the world in squash, when I understood the value of this game and the worth of my squash legends in world, I started to fight like the “son of lion”. Looking at my green flag behind me in international matches I become more aggressive and energized to snatch the title for the honor of my Flag, I was so proud that I am having the flag which was elevated to the top in about 13 world championships and more than 20 British open titles.

In the age of 17 I won professional senior title beating my most senior player in the event. Till that time I was completely unaware of each and everything that exist outside of the court, I was in search of hunt every time to tackle with in court. But still I was not in the kind hands of Pakistan squash federation; I was just playing my home events because my father was a poor man he was not in position to send me abroad for international events that is why I was struggling to prove myself and to earn some kind of attention from federation. But soon I came to know that pillars of squash have fallen down (legends retired), and they are busy in their own lives, own lives means away from squash, away from that game which was in their blood, which was transferred to them from their elders, but they failed to transfer it to their next generation.

I would say that ” Inshaa Allah very soon Green flag will be at the top of the World rankings, Inshaa Allah very soon I will be an inspiration for my youngsters and Inshaa Allah I will lead my team from the front line to bring back the lost glory.

Looking at my green flag behind me in international matches I become more aggressive and energized to snatch the title for the honor of my Flag

How would you describe yourself?

I don’t know what should I say about myself? But!!! I believe in HARD WORK and I like do hard work, I am a person who never compromise on the honor of our GREEN FLAG, I always want to serve my country just to keep my flag high.

How long you have been in this field?

I started this game when I was just 9 years old.

What are your interests?

As you know my interest is just squash, other than squash I like to play games on PC, and sometimes play hockey.

What inspires you the most?

Nothing inspires me in this world but only Humanity and Islam.

How do you see yourself in future?

I will bring the lost glories to Pakistan in squash once again Inshaa Allah.

What is the biggest motivation in your life?

My DAD is my biggest motivation when I was a kid I was just playing squash for my Father, during my matches I used to see in my father’s eyes, the spirit in his eyes would bring energy and motivation in me, and then my brother/Coach Tahir Iqbal khan he helped me to overcome each and every hurdle in life and sports.

How do you teach yourself to become more and better?

I don’t teach myself, my brother teaches me and I just follow his instructions I just know one thing to “WORK HARD”.

What difficulties you have faced when you started this game?

List is very long but as I mentioned in introduction I am from Bannu and family was financially very weak and absolutely not familiar to this game, I was working hard and winning junior titles in the world but in return I was just getting appreciation nothing else.

Many time I played international events with broken rackets.

Another problem I faced allot was about my health as I was working hard with my brother and we had no guidance from federation or our legends, so mostly I had exhausted my body and hospitalized because of overtraining .

After achieving so much, which goals are yet to be achieved?

World championship

How did you discover this potential in you?

I followed my brother Tahir Iqbal he was International squash player and in start of my career I was too young I was unaware of the importance of this game that is why I was just playing for my father.

Any remarkable experience you would like to share with us?

The most joyful and proud moment of my life when recently I won gold medal for Pakistan in south Asian games in India and moment was amazing when Pakistani flag was escalating up with the tone of Pakistani national anthem and Indian soldiers were saluting Pakistani flag.

What role do you think you ought to play in this society?

I think we forgot the value of human being in our society, I cannot see the discrimination of my people. They have the same value as people have in other countries, so I want to work for humanity and through my sport I want to show the world that Pakistan is a very positive and peace loving country.

To dream is easy, to make it come true, not so.What essentials are required for that?

I would just say three words. Determination, Hard work and Sacrifice.

What do you think is the most challenging thing for you in squash?

Just one thing to finance my tours for international events.

The first person of your field that comes in your mind and why?

Jahangir khan!!! He is the living legend with unbreakable records in squash.

You have learned the most from?

My brother Tahir Iqbal khan

What advice you would like to give to new players of Squash and for those who want to come in this field?

I would say to my young players that everything is possible just believe in Allah and believe in yourselves and the most important thing ALWAS DREAM BIG.

I would say to those who want to come to this field just join your nearest squash club and feel the beauty of this game as this game is the most calories burning game in the world.

Any message for youth?

I always say one thing to my youngsters that everything have negative and positive aspects in this advanced age technology, always try to find positivity and you will be succeeded Inshaa Allah.

Words for revolution flame?

I really appreciate the efforts of Revolution Flame for bringing awareness in our young generations and struggling for better future of our youngsters. I would like to say thanks to Sara khan for introducing me to the youth of Pakistan.


Date of birth: 1st– April

You’re Star: Aries

How do you spend your leisure time?

Usually I spend my leisure time with my family.

Five words your friends use to describe you:

Hard working, sharp likes knife, fighter, brave and leader.

Your strength: Islam

You motivation: my Father

Basic reason behind your success is: Allah’s will and my hard work.

Of which accomplishment you are most proud of?

Gold medal in south Asian games

One thing you don’t like about yourself: My aggression

If you can be any other person in this world, who would you like to be? Ronaldo

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Interviewed by: Sara Khan (Executive Social Media)

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