Pursuit of happiness

March 24, 2016 - 4 minutes read


Happiness is valuing what you have, and enjoying the people, places, objects and events in your life for what they are. It’s not about changing and achieving all the time; sometimes it’s about appreciating it.

-Suma Rai

Those of you who think that they have less to cherish and appreciate in their lives, look around yourselves. Think of all those things without which you would be incomplete. What would you do if you were born, God forbid, without arms or legs? What would happen if either of you couldn’t see or hear or speak? What would your life be if you had no roof to seek shelter under? And what about the food you eat?

You must have gotten chills upon the thought of imagining your life without these blessings. It is human nature that a person wants the things that are out of his reach. We struggle all our life for things that we long and ignore the ones2 we already have. Just like a poor person who has no money and a huge family to feed longs for money and a rich man with excess of money but no children longs for children. Also a person without working legs and arms longs for physical health, and those who have it lose their health by either not exercising or eating and drinking junk.

Browsing the internet you’d see that there are many blogs and books on how can we make ourselves happy and contented with our lives. I would like to share, briefly, one such research done by John M. Grothol (Psy.D). It has been predicted that happier people tend to live longer, earn more income and perform better at work. It is a misconception that money can bring happiness. The kind of happiness it brings is temporary; it may last for a while. Similar is the case with winning a lottery. Also, healthy relationships play a key role in making one’s life happier.

The right to pursuit whatever might bring us happiness is fundamental to every human being just like the right to vote, the right of freedom and the right to make property. Unfortunately, sometimes in our quest of attaining the things that might bring happiness, we try to intrude into others’ personal space, seizing things that mean a lot to them or at times not seeing that our journey towards our happiness is hurting someone else.


So this year, let’s help others bring a smile on their face, making their day a little brighter than before. Let’s do something for someone else on this year’s international day of Happiness, and see for yourself how it would make you happy. One kind gesture, pat on the shoulder, a smile unexpected and prayer from heart will make you and others happy.

Contributed By: Manaal Ayesha Aamer

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