Random Acts of Kindness Day

March 20, 2016 - 10 minutes read


Little deeds of kindness

Little words of love

Make our earth an Eden

Like the heaven above

-Julia A. Carney

Kindness is not just a word. It’s a concept; a virtue. To be kind is a blessing, because kindness is rare and kind people are the rarest kind of gems you’ll ever come across. To be kind is to be human. It is not just a religious obligation for the followers of all faiths but also the need and the basic right of every living being. We all appreciate kindness if it is directed towards us. Everybody does. Kindness makes you feel like a human, it makes you feel valued.

Being kind does not mean to sympathize with them. Sympathy is a different concept; it is a single feeling. Kindness, on the other hand, is a collection of several other feelings directed towards the welfare of each and everything present on the earth.

The world these days, is full of chaos. There is destruction everywhere. Hundreds and thousands of people die every year. This is not how it was supposed to be when Allah created this world. The angels were scared when Allah created Adam; the first man on earth and in heaven. The clay with which he was to be created cried because it knew that man will create chaos and disaster on earth, brother will kill brother. The angels were worried but Allah knew better. He was in love with his creation. Despite all the flaws in man, Allah Almighty decided to make him Ashraf-al-Makhlooqat.

Allah gave man knowledge and wisdom and the choice to choose his own course of life. Yes, fate and destiny exist but He gave us a chance to alter the words of fate by praying and doing the right thing. He gave us a heart, a mind and a conscience. Heart was given so that we could feel, mind was given so we could think and develop some logic and conscience was given so we could differentiate between right and wrong.

Take our heart as a stubborn and innocent child who only wants what it wants and does not care about the consequences. The mind is a teenaged sibling that always thinks logically and at some times, materialistically to. Heart is the sentimental side of a man while mind is the non-sentimental one. Sometimes when the heart is being stubborn and naïve, the mind can scold him and tell him to think logically so that the heart doesn’t get in

6 trouble. Sometimes the heart even gets out of control and shuts the brain off or persuades it to plan a way to fulfill its desires. There is a constant war between the two. That is where the mother comes in; the conscience. It keeps both our sentimental (heart) as well as non-sentimental (mind) sides in balance. It tells us right from wrong. It tells us what is allowed and what is not. A heart that feels and a mind that thinks without a conscience are like two orphan siblings left all alone in the world without a sense of direction to move in. That, however, is my theory. We all have our opinions. What I am trying to say is that kindness is not just confined to the goodness of one’s heart. It also reflects the existence of a living conscience.

There is just so much pain in the world that being kind to every little grain of sand seems to be the only solution. The modern age has led people into a war zone where everyone is fighting for survival. We rise, we fall. We laugh, we cry. We fail and we try. That’s all what life is about and that’s all what we do. But, somewhere in our hearts, we have a longing. A longing to be loved and cared for; a longing to be accepted and appreciated and denying the existence of this longing would be nothing but a lie. Who wouldn’t want to be loved and cared for? Who wouldn’t welcome the warmth of a kind word spoken to them?

We know for a fact that we love to be treated well but sometimes we forget that others deserve kindness and empathy as much as we do because we’re all humans and our humanity demands that we be kind to each other.

I’m not talking about just being kind to your parents or siblings or relatives because we usually are kind to them and even though we may, at times, be rude to them but we do end up making it up to them and we do love them above and beyond anything else. That’s not what the Random Acts of Kindness Day is all about. It’s about being kind to the people who hardly get their share of warm words and gestures. It’s a day to be kind to that beggar boy of eight who hasn’t eaten anything for three days; it’s about the 12-year-old girl who comes with her mom to do chores for you. This day is for the old man who sleeps on the footpath on a cold winter night with nothing but worn out cotton clothes.


Random Acts of Kindness Day is for you to realize how blessed you are to have a home to live, food to eat and clothes to wear and last but the least, you have a family to  love you and support you. You go to school or college or university, whatever the level of your education may be, you have a secured future. It’s a day for you to realize that there are people who’d even sell themselves to get the chance to live your life even if it is for just a day. It’s a day for you to be grateful, not vain for having the life you have.

So, let’s just forget who we are and what we want for a day and think about who they are and what they want. Let’s be kind to the people who deserve it and never get to have their fair share of kind words and kind gestures. Let’s be kind to that eight-year-old beggar boy, to that twelve-year-old girl who comes with her mom almost every day to do chores for us. Let’s be kind to the old man who sleeps on the footpaths and the widow living with her orphan kid next door.

Kindness is not about spending huge sums of money for charity just so that the world knows how kind you are. Kindness drips from the selfless smile you give to anyone no matter what their status. It lies in the simplest of the deeds done without any expectation for return. It’s a deeper concept. To be kind is the proof of the existence of a conscience. Kindness is a proof that you’re still human and that you can feel. It’s proof that you’re worth the status of being an Ashraf-ul-Makhlooqat. It means that Allah’s faith in you about being the best of His creations is not a mistake. It means that you’re worth it.

Contributed By: Tayyaba Seher Khan

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