Samar Khan- A trekker, Athlete and a Certified Para-glider

March 15, 2016 - 9 minutes read


“Separate cycling tracks are required not only for females but also for males and international tourists who want to travel economically”

Belong to ‘Lower Dir’, KPK. Masters in Physics from Federal Urdu University, ISB. A trekker, athlete and a certified para-glider. National record holder of cycling over 4693meters by covering 1000km (In tour to Khunjerab). Trained MMA fighter. Member of National youth assembly and a social activist. Brand ambassador of ‘Ladies of Pakistan’. A motivational and Tedx Speaker 2016. Professionally working as a freelancer, blogger and an online teacher.

How would you describe yourself?

A free soul, who likes to challenge herself to discover her strengths, and who yearns to learn more about the world around her. And the best way of learning I do, is travelling, exploring and living the miracles every day that we read in books.

What are your interests?

In Astrophysics, every detail of heavenly objects.

Learn to play every musical instrument.

And to see every hidden beauty in the world.

How this idea of bicycling came in your mind?

I discovered this skill after meeting my adventure buddy, Guliafshan in ‘Army School Of Physical Training’, Kakul. It was the place where we both had registered to do a Paragliding Course. Luckily, we both discovered many similarities and strength to pursue them.

What inspires you the most?

To see the extraordinary efforts and achievements of the people, who are either younger than me or less privileged than me and still bringing reforms in society.

Any organization or people who supported you regarding this matter?

PTDC has been really supporting me in my tours in providing guidance and even accommodation. Moreover, my family is the biggest support of mine, Alhamdulilah.

What has been an innovating experience?

To stay 9 days in wilderness was totally a life changing experience, when there was no one for me except myself. I learned how to survive in cold, less finance and even without social media J .

What is the biggest motivation in your life?

Strangely, I have never searched for a source of motivation; in fact, I have a habit of visualizing the success for every specific target I set for myself and this helps me to overlook the difficulties that exist.

Which thing encouraged you for your journey of 9 days from Islamabad to Pak-China border and back to Islamabad?

My very first (cycling) ride was to Abbotabad, which helped me to learn about geographical and social challenges and how to overcome that. So, after that tour I felt an elevation in my confidence for longer tours.

How did you discover this potential in you?

In my 1st tour, my family didn’t know that I’ll be going to Abbotabad on cycle and I had to keep it hidden that’s why I rode all the way in my slippers wearing kurti,duppata and without any sports gears. But even riding in rain and cold, I found myself very determined and strong and my fear for traffic was already gone.

Any other achievement you would like to share?

This adventure revolution has made me a Certified Para-glider from Pakistan Army, and also a trained MMA fighter.

Any negativity you faced during your this journey and you want to eliminate that problem for future women bicycle riders?

The only and major problem I experienced was the bad and disrespectful behavior of fellow drivers of bus, trucks and local transport. So, like European countries; separate cycling tracks are required not only for females but also for males and international tourists who want to travel economically.

You have learned the most from?

I have learned many toughest lessons from my life experiences whether good or bad, no book can teach a man that much.

Tell us a bit about other sports you are interested in?

Besides cycling, I have done trekking, martial arts, archery and para-gliding; also I am looking forward to try ice skating in near future.

What difficulties you have faced when you started bicycling?

The biggest hardship was to reveal this hobby to my family as I belong to a ‘Pakhtoon’ family and the first female who was going to be a mountain biker.

Any remarkable experience you would like to share with us about your trip to Khunjrab?

The way I have been treated by the people of Gillgit and Hunza is remarkable. It was zero crime rate, highest literacy rate and an unseen beauty over there. Every individual opened their hearts and offered whatever they had, even we spent ‘Eid ul Azha’ over there.

What do you think is the most challenging thing for you in this sport?

Like every other, this sport also requires and iron will and endless stamina. And it is a bit hard to work out on daily basis for a job oriented person who has to look after his family and keep his social circle alive.

How do you see yourself in future?

A social activist, who uplift others in sports and education and bring reforms in the lives of other females,

What do you think how your bicycling campaigns can contribute to the society?

I receive many messages of parents now, who want to engage their children in sports after the satisfaction they get to see my activities. And also people from USA, Australia, Korea, and Canada and from many other countries have changed their perception about Pakistan after watching my documentary (Khunjerab).

What advice you would like to give to new people who have passion for bicycling?

Learn completely about your ride before starting it, all the necessary features and demands of a perfect bicycle. And try to make it a part of your life, like your studies or job.

Are you going to participate in any international sports event to represent Pakistan in future?

Yes, I am looking forward to work and qualify for Olympics to represent Pakistan in cycling race, In Sha Allah.

Any message for youth?

Discover your talents as soon as possible as we don’t have time to waste!! We are already a 3rd World and we have to remove this tag.

Words for revolution flame?

Revolutions flame is bringing revolutions literally, by sharing inspiring stories and creating a source of motivation for others.


Date of birth: 11th August

You’re Star: Leo

How do you spend your leisure time?

With friends and family.

Five words your friends use to describe you:

Resilient, Loyal, Creative, funny and caring.

Your strength:

Supporting family and friends.

You motivation: To feel success before even having it.

Favorite accessory: wrist watch

Basic reason behind your success is: My resilient nature.

Key to success, according to you is: Be your own hero, inspiration and competitor.

One thing you don’t like about yourself: The quick anger attack.

If you can be any other person in this world, who would you like to be?

Muslim version of Nikola Tesla.

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Interviewed by: Sara Khan (Executive Social Media)

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