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The phrase, ‘All men are created equal’ seems to fade away a long time ago as we usually find ourselves surrounded by the most inevitable, sensitive and most violent forms of social dilemmas. Social injustice and inequality are among those social dilemmas which are vigorously decaying our society and its essential elements. Issues like these become more severe when innocent hands beg for food on the street, when fragile bodies of young children work harshly to support their families, and when our young teens holds cleaning vipers and collect garbage from the streets instead of holding books and collecting playful memories.

American activist, author and lecturer and first ever deaf-blind degree holder Helen Keller once said;

Until the great mass of the people shall be filled with the sense of responsibility for each other’s welfare, social justice can never be attained

Social justice means all men are equal before law and relish similar human rights and resources regardless of any kind of discrimination but in this unjust society we suffer from the plague of child labor and slavery. It’s the responsibility of every individual to uphold and protect the social justice and equality. Few have already been on the venture to support the cause of social prosperity and to eradicate those unjust issues which are slowly poisoning our society. Among them, the Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (SPARC) works with diligence to protect the rights of children and to provide them with equal opportunities.

You have to stand guard over the development and maintenance of Islamic democracy, Islamic social justice and the equality of manhood in your own native soil

– Muhammad Ali Jinnah


SPARC was founded by Pakistani Supreme Court advocate, Anees Jillani in 1992. Many other development and humanitarian organizations including UNICEF, Canadian International Development Agency, and Norwegian Agency for Development, International Labor Organization, and Defense for Children International support SPARC on this crucial social issue to elevate the status of underprivileged children. The mission of SPARC is to promote and protect the rights of children and to empower them using international standards as a yardstick through advocacy supported by research, awareness raising, service delivery, and human and institutional development

Within few years of endeavors and pursuing dream, SPARC aware tens of thousands of people about the importance of equality for children and their equal distribution of resources which help the society to prosper by taking different measures and adopting kind attitudes. It has been empowering child rights by making great changes in the field of child education, health, child labor and violence and injustice. The report, ‘State of Pakistan’s Children’ is being published annually by SPARC to evaluate the status of children in Pakistan and its impact on society. The publication of this report brings forth many social calamities and inequity which depict the incompetency of the concerned authorities on this particular societal crisis.

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It brought about and initiated many developmental projects in different tribes and districts of Pakistan including the training of teachers, enrolment of students in schools, rehabilitation and renovation of schools, counseling parents about the disadvantages of child marriages and guiding them about the child rights, establishing centers for street children and provide free legal assistance for the juvenile justice. They also provide vocational training and non-formal education to under trail prisoners (UTPs) helping them to transform into a refined individuals. SPARC was awarded United Nation’s recognition award in 2003 and USAID certification in 2006 in appreciation of highlighting the most sensitive social issue of this era and of showing the earnest concern to control child labor and injustice.

According to the international survey of United Nation, around 150 million children are suffering from child labor worldwide. Issues stay the same because we recognize that, address that and acknowledge that but on an individual level we do not act to change. We do not make effort to implement those changes in our lives. We brag about the child labor and inequality but in our homes we are being served by the teen maid, on the traffic signals our cars’ wind screens are being cleaned by the young children; sadly.

SPARC’s contribution to society in terms of awareness rising about the rights of the child is commendable. Their struggles for the prosperity of the society should be supported and appreciated more heartily by the people of Pakistan. On an individual level, consider yourself as a unit of change and try to facilitate underprivileged children whether by helping them with education or being kind with them.

The opposite of poverty is not wealth. In too many places, the opposite of poverty is justice

– Bryan Stevenson

Do your part towards justice, Say no to child labor.

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