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When you look around yourself, you will see different types of people. The healthy ones tall, white, dark, short, smart, fat and then the unfortunate ones who look complete but lack some abilities. These are the blind, the deaf, the dumb and the physically disabled. Then there is another special category of humans, the really special ones; the little angels made with special care by God, the ones having Down Syndrome.

You must be wondering; the reason I called them special was because they are a little different from others. Dependent upon others, not as intelligent as their parents or other siblings. But that’s not why I called them special. They are special because they know how to smile even when life has put them to the greatest test. They know they have to remain calm even at the harshest times. They are special because they are the ones who are radiating hope and happiness in the world.

I once got a chance to visit PAF Special Children School and got to meet IMG_6587girls and boys suffering from Down Syndrome. There, the students had displayed some of their artworks. I was stunned to see the embroidery done by an eleven-year-old girl. The embroidery was so neatly done, even I couldn’t do it! Also these children I came across were well behaved than the kids I had in my school.

Before we move into how beautiful these young creatures of God are, let me make you aware of the condition they suffer from. Down’s Syndrome is also known as Mongolism or Trisomy 21. These individuals have typically 47 chromosomes instead of 46. This is because of the extra copy of the 21st chromosome. It is not something that can be treated like a migraine or epilepsy; it is a genetic condition which last lifetime.

There is usually a misconception that people having Down Syndrome do not experience the feelings like we do, can’t learn to sit on the chair calmly, Can’t color within the outlines, Unable to do embroidery, speak well, even try to maintain their hygiene. This is not true! They experience, perceive and respond with emotions the same way we do. They also perceive and act according to the expectations. They just take a little more time than others kids of the same age. They also don’t have a handicapped life; they attend school, go through college, graduate, get a job and enjoy the married life they have. According to the survey 99% individuals are very happy with their lives.

We humans have intelligence that is an amalgam of more than two or three types. If someone is not academically intelligent, doesn’t mean he/she cant play guitar or be a basketball player. Even if someone doesn’t have great skills at Math, he could be great artists. All I am trying to say is that never judge anybody by their performance in one aspect of life. If God has taken away one ability, He surely will bless you with another. If God has created people with Down’s Syndrome who might not be able to perform well in academics, the victim might be able to play piano or guitar and be a singer.

3If you pick up history, you’ll see many great people, ones who were marvelous singers, artists, actors, and guitarists. Some of the names are of people having Down’s syndrome. Sujeet Desai is an accomplished musician who graduated from Berkshire Hills Music Academy in 2003 with a 4.3 GPA!

Jane Cameron was born in 1949, a girl with Down’s Syndrome who was turned down by many schools because they thought such children cannot study! She became a designer in later age and some of her artworks were converted into tapestries which are still currently hanging in many places across the globe today.

If you have never met someone having Down’s Syndrome you truly are missing the joy of your life. If you have a Down’s Syndrome child in your family; make sure that child is destined for something and help him put the best of himself in front of the world. People with Down’s Syndrome have dreams, aspirations and aims just like us; they have a desire to change the world too. One small effort by you might help the little one achieve his goal.

When such people can be the greatness the world wants to see, surely can you too!


Contributed By: Manaal Ayesha Aamer

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