Asif Khan- Energetic Social Activist

April 15, 2016 - 11 minutes read


“Determination, Faith and the inner self-believe brings Success!”

Asif Khan is an energetic young Social worker, a committed Social activist, a host, a motivational public speaker and an actor by passion. Founder and Chairman of a leading national organisation, Voice of Pakistan (VOP), Govt of KP a non-profit organization, founded back in 2013. Also, he recently started working as a facilitator of an Interactive Theatre Project by Aitebaar.

SK: How would you describe yourself?
AK: I am a bold and a courageous man, who have been a bomb impact survivor, been through 10 noteworthy surgeries and battling with live each day, yet at the same time offering want to numerous. An energetic, sprightly and solid hearted.

SK: How long you have been in this field?       
AK: I have been in this field following 2013, like just about from 3 years. What’s more, it’s that making due from a bomb impact occurrence which made me more energetic to help out the general public.

SK: What are your interests?
AK: Travelling at the top. After that sorting out big super occasions, acting, online networking and profound imaginative considering. Driving too obviously. Additionally connection with individuals from various foundations, diverse society distinctive kind of deduction and mindset

SK: What inspires you the most?  
AK: Knowledge is my record-breaking motivation. I adore sitting in spots and hearing to individuals of shrewdness who thinks out about the level. Such individuals are my motivation and I have a tendency to gain from them.

SK: What has been an innovating experience?
AK: I cherish voyaging. And the greater parts of my voyaging journals are my advancing encounters. I gain from my voyaging encounters, voyaging makes sense of the developing and the making me. Street excursions of Karachi, Lahore, Naran, Chitral, Kashmir, and Abbotabad are my best encounters.

SK: How do you see yourself in future?  
AK: I don’t see myself later on. I make sense of myself in the present. I am what my present is. Better or most exceedingly awful, the present portrays me.

SK: What is the biggest motivation in your life?
AK: To serve to the mankind, to assume the self-dependable part for the general public, to convey grin to each face out there by giving adoration, trust and endless efforts.

SK: How do you teach yourself to become more and better?       
AK: As said, there is dependably an opportunity to get better. I make sense of myself at the underlying accomplishment for which I am honored by the Almighty Allah. Change accompanies Learning, Countless battles and endeavors, ceaseless hard work, Hope and enthusiasm.

SK: Any other achievement you would like to share?        
AK: Yes, Voice of Pakistan (VOP). The greatest accomplishment of my life. A independent and non-benefit enlisted association with Govt of KP devoted to construct a well off country. I alongside my companion, established in 2013 and filling in as its Chairman. It points and attempts to advance Culture, Sports, Tourism, Entrepreneurship, Pakistani items and spread the message of Peace. With our endless and kick the bucket heart endeavors of working day and night we have gotten its name an opposition of named association and it have stamped recorded occasions ever.

SK: What difficulties you have faced when you started your work?
AK: A ton of which are yet not less to be said. With no backing and valuation for the Govt and the private segment we have been working freely for over 3 years and have touched the most noteworthy crests of accomplishment Alhamdulilah. We live in a general public of envious and contempt spreading individuals which have dependably been the challenges, however the adoration for individuals, backing of companions and the never enduring petitions to God of folks and well-wishers never let us to get dishearted. We kept battling, we continued sending.

SK: After achieving so much, which goals are yet to be achieved?       
AK: We as a team need to take this association to the following level, making a name in the International part which will be known for the best of welfare for the general public and the country.

SK: How did you discover this potential in you?        
AK: I generally had a fantasy of going to the front and helping the general population of society, the co-curricular exercises in the scholarly world cleaned my inward capacities and the continuous backing and petitions to God of my mom have made me stand here at the top.

SK: What role do you think you ought to play in this society?
AK: I am fulfilled for what I am doing, battling for peace and conveying back grins to the general population of my general public which are these days greatly required. I am a pass on heart loyalist, a man with a positive methodology and a dynamic resident of the country.

SK: To dream is easy, to make it come true, not so.What essentials are required for that?     
AK: Backing and increase by the Govt, and private segment, adoration for the general population, backing and Prayers of the companions and folks makes your fantasies work out.

SK: What do you think is the most challenging thing for you in your field?
AK: Just like an understudy right now, it’s difficult to get time for the work of my field as it needs battles of ceaseless days and evenings and to deal with the monetary matters which cost for my work as I am working autonomously.

SK: The first person of your field that comes in your mind and why?
AK: Khalid Ayub, The supporter in Chief of VOP and the Chairman Karwan Tanzeem. A man of honor and dauntlessness, when there was nobody to take care of us, value us and bolster us, it was he who remained close by and upheld us in all our great and awful times. He is a book of information and shrewdness with a more extensive vision to help the general population of the general public and convey equity to each casualty.

SK: You have learned the most from?
AK: My own encounters are dependably been the best educator for me. I’ve gained for the most part from my encounters, either great or terrible. They have taught me lessons of life.

SK: What advice you would like to give to new people of your field?    
AK: Never lose hope, never get dishearten by the general population belittling or indicating on your work. Keep your points high with a more extensive vision. Continue working with energy and hard work. For all, hard work is the way to achievement.

SK: Any message for youth?
AK: Ever known, A Youth is a just power which can turn out the historical backdrop of any country. For me, a nation is known by how its childhood is. This country is your mom land, give regard and love to it, which have given you a personality. A trust of and a method for living. The country has drained and did much for you, now it’s your swing to stand up and make it ascend in the realm of rivalry.

SK: Words for revolution flame?
AK: A stunning and element Platform where the issues are explained not simply recognized. A great deal of gifted and dedicated individuals with a decent motivation! You individuals have done impressive occupation; there is long approach to go. I wish you good fortunes for your future targets. Kudos to your splendid execution.


Date of birth: June 07, 1993.

You’re Star: Gemini.

How do you spend your leisure time? I sleep a lot.

Five words your friends use to describe you:

Courageous, Passionate, Ambitious, Deep thinker, Committed.

Your strength: My determination.

What motivates you? The inner self-belief.

You can trust your life with: My parents.

What is your favorite accessory? My cellphone.

One thing you don’t like about yourself: Moody.

Basic reason behind your success is: My mother.

Key to success, according to you is: Hard work & passion.

Of which accomplishment you are most proud of? Voice of Pakistan (VOP)

You can see his work on Facebook Page:

Thank you so much Mr Asif Khan. We wish you more success in future.

Interviewed by: Sara Khan (Executive Social Media)

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