Banana – The yellow clothed sweetness

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The benefits of fruits need not to be debated. Fruits are those marvelous products of nature that are packed with nutrition and taste. If eaten in a right balance in combination with other foods, fruits prevent against many diseases and health problems; they are truly natural medicines.There are many hundreds of fruits that come in various varieties; some fleshy, some juicy, some creamy, some sweet and others bitter. Among these many fruits; there is a yellow-clothed creamy one called Banana.
Bananas are said to be world’s most popular fruits probably due to their natural sweetness and convenience of consumption. The history of bananas 8dates back to historical periods of 8000 B.C. or even earlier. There is doubt about the place of its origin. However, one thing is clearly known that they were domesticated in different parts of the world.

Bananas are a staple starch food for some people around the world. Bananas are rich in potassium and carbohydrates and are famous for providing some particular health benefits such as improved digestion and cardiovascular health state, as well as better athletic performance. World Banana Day is celebrated on 20th April every year to celebrate the ultimate yumminess and benefits of Bananas. In some American universities, on the World Banana Day the students share new banana recipes with each other and even dress up as Bananas.

Bananas are tropical they are commercially available throughout the year. They need no special preparation such as chocolate-covered-banana-popscutting to be eaten. Just a peel off and here you enjoy your nutrition packed dessert. Another very important fact about Banana that makes it a favorite fruit is that they have a very low carbon footprint. The Bananas are grown in natural sunlight and are transported through boats. Moreover, they also do not require any special packaging to be transported. Bananas have also been a part of children story tales and short stories showing the monkeys as well as humans enjoying Bananas.

Banana Bread, Banana ice-cream, Banana pudding, Banana smoothie are just some of the Banana recipes you’d love to have. Treat yourself well and with these low-fat amazing Banana delights.  While writing this article, I feel strongly tempted to go in the kitchen and find some bananas for myself. We are sure you are also tempting Bananas! If you want a bit extra punch do try out some new banana recipes.


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