Life is a monopoly

April 6, 2016 - 1 minute read



In the game of Monopoly,

Each time the dice is hurled, the weaker players scowl, flinch and wince as their ‘Life’ gets harder and harder. The powerful player derides, squalls and snigger with pride as he watches his serendipity increase.

But then, the weaker players utters,

Needless to mention, I’m over this game, you win already! – I’m bailing out.

At that very instant, the ice is broken and all the potential transfers.

Suddenly, the strong player implores for the game to resume, the weak player overcomes his sentiments of melancholy and gets proficient, efficient and unchained once again.

Aren’t we the victim of one huge game of Monopoly?

Precise is for life. The split second you discern, it’s just a mere game, you can play it according to your wish. Promptly you see the world for what it actually is – a structure made up by humans no more intellectual than you – then you can undertake to develop your own framework.


What are the unarticulated guidelines of the game you are breathing in? Would you urge to walk away from it? Where would you head if you defy to quitting? Or would you long to be the king of the same game?

If you dispense yourself from your ongoing ‘Game’ what would show up back-to back? Anticipate about it.


Contributed By: Nayyab Hussain

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