Mother Earth Day

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Celebrated on the April 22nd each year, Mother Earth Day emphasizes on the importance to love nature and to make the earth healthy and sustainable for its inhabitant. Extinction of different species, inevitable changes in climate and in the ecosystem has a long term disadvantages especially for the human kind.

The changes in the ecosystem seemed very unreal to many but the death toll of the previous year when thousands of people lost their lives in the merciless heat waves that struck mainly the city of Karachi and its surrounding last year died, actions were taken. According to the international metrological reports, due to the continuous global warming, there is no chance of earth’s temperature decreasing. Summers would be very hot and last longer than usual and winter would barely come but would be very chilling.

Humankind has suddenly entered into a brand new relationship with our planet.  Unless we quickly and profoundly change the course of our civilization, we face an immediate and grave danger of destroying the worldwide ecological system that sustains life as we know it

 – Al Gore – U.S. politician and environmentalist

Since the height of industrial revolution from the early 19th century, earth’s ecosystem and climate has been changing rapidly. Greenhouse gases are the main cause of global warming. Greenhouse gases act as a trap which is6 hindering the heat waves to go back to the space which is coming from the sun making the earth warmer day by day. Furthermore, greenhouse gases are also releasing from the use of different transportation, and other electrical, commercial and residential factors etc. Besides the greenhouse gases, deforestation, land degradation, uses of product that releases CFCs (chemical that damages ozone layer and cause global warming) are also the elements that contribute highly to the climate change.

Climate change can brought about severe outcomes to the world we live in. Natural calamities; floods, earthquakes, extreme weather changes, droughts, volcanic eruptions etc. are due to the changes in the earth crust and the environment of earth and its surrounding. Once we fight with the Mother Nature than we suffer from the nature’s reactions to our cruel actions.

Humankind has the burden of polluting the environment to its most. Uses and experiments of nuclear energy destroy the greener surrounding of the earth. Alice Walker, an American writer and activist once shared her similar views and said;

War contributes greatly to global warming, which shouldn’t surprise us. All those bombs going off, all those rockets, all those planes and helicopters. All that fuel of various kinds being used. It pollutes the air and water of this very fragile and interconnected planet

 – Alice Walker

Concerned International organizations are on the run to find solutions for these crucial climate issues and to control the warming of the planet earth but on an individual level, 8we must act as a responsible urban dweller and try our best to switch to the simpler and greener lifestyle. By saving energy as much as we can, cutting off unnecessary usage of fueled transportation like using bicycle instead, trying using product free from CFCs, saying no to wastage of water and planting as many trees as we can.

This year United Nations Organization in collaboration with many other concerned international organizations celebrate Mother Earth Day today.

This year UN theme is to set a goal to plant billions of tress for over the next five years across the globe. Among many advantages of the tress, it will clear the air from carbon dioxide and keep us healthy and help us to build economy. It will also be very helpful for the wild life and help us fighting climate change and protect us from worst of weather conditions.

Plant a tree for a better, greener and sustainable Mother Earth.

Happy Mother Earth Day to you.


Contributed By: Saima Jawed

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