April 25, 2016 - 4 minutes read


Under the crimson sky, witnessed

The Universe in a jolting gaze

When humans shed their altruistic rags

And set this mortal world ablaze

When faithless rose in ranks up high

When truth and innocence, victimized

When, to artful gains, our concord kneeled

Our valued blood lost to caste and creed

Ye don’t know, Nay, the lust of power

You haven’t seen the horrors of war

When Jews were massacred in Hitler’s Holocaust

When Fascists bathed in sins aghast

When Stalin threw men off cliffs so high

When Algerians drowned in Siene so blue

When, in a ball of Fire, Hiroshima set alight

History tells tales, seldom we eschew

But, humanity survived, amidst all this cruelty

The rule of nature is sheer equality

Where there’s convention, there’s novelty

Where there’s enmity, love springs passionately

One man’s death sprouts a thousand lives

That’s when, with all its might,”REVOLUTION” arrives

The oppression, in its vile disdain

Think, this monopoly, they’ll sustain and contain

But history stands witness to infallible facts

Revolutionaries fought back and cleared the tracks

Sure is, if you compress a vial with lids closed

It’ll explode with even greater force

For it, Martin Luther endured great pains

Or Mao’s struggle to make China great again

When Jinnah, with all backlash and flak

Still carved out the map of Pakistan

It flipped the cords of dream to reality

And added luxury to man’s vanity

It lightened our house when Edison wrought

With Wrights courtesy, we flew concordes

They were Revolutionaries who thought impossible

And thought well ahead, ahead of times

Revolution is a courage that the rich fear

Rockefeller and Rothschild stray from it clear

It’s a death for dictatorship and socialist regime

A retribution to all the humanitarian crimes

It’s a stepping stone to elevated Heights

A beautiful day after the darkest nights

It’s a way to fight for your inherent rights

To serve justice to the violent crimes

It’s an opportunity to stand and be the change

For what you lost shall be regained

But listen O reader, before you marvel

At the wonder of this sweet sacrifice

Revolution ignites when it’s much craven

It takes hostages along with million lives

It demands more than your soul and body

It tests your faiths, love and families

Our time has passed their time is now

Those still oppressed, tired and afraid

Whose eyes still witness the bombing raids

Frantic rush of Ambulances, hysterical craze!

Whose answers to tanks are bricks and stones

Whose only speech is wails and woes

Who do not submit to oppressors will

Whose ears only hear “kill, kill”

With dictatorship’s on one side, extremism on other

With Zionists oppression, human rights exploitation

With decades of farces and unjust occupation

The veterans of Syria, Palestine and Kashmir

Have yet more to lose to materialize Revolution

To destroy by the truth, if it can

To destroy by the truth, then it deserves to be

But, fate be changed, we know already

The rising day will be enchanting and lovely

From the blood of the martyrs, the only revolutionaries

Will blossom a new lineage of sparking flowers

From our ashes a fire shall be kindled

A new hope from the shadows will spring

Replenished will be the energies depleted

Exquisite presents our futures will bring

Just know it once,

Once and for all

Revolution might resonate happiness but

“Real Revolution is the evolution of consciousness”



Contributed By: Hassam Khan Alizai

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