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Scrabble is a very famous indoor game played by both adults and children. The advantage this game has over all other games is that it helps the child develop vocabulary which is helpful later in life.

I still remember, how excited I used to get whenever someone gifted me ‘Scrabble board game’ on my birthday. Playing it on weekends with brothers and sisters and learning new and amazing words was indeed fun. I still remember, how I used to envy my elder brother and my father because they both had great knowledge of words. They were my inspiration in learning new words and playing that game on a regular basis.

Scrabble, previously known as ‘Lexiko’ and later changed to ‘Criss Cross Words’ was invented by Alfred Mosher Butts, an architect from Poughkeepsie, New York. In 1948, Butts and a man named James Brunot decided to make some changes on the rules and design of the game and renamed it to Scrabble, which was also trademarked that year. In 1949, the Scrabble game was released to the public.

What interests me about this game is that Barack Obama loves to play Scrabble with his sister and whoever wins gets bragging rights for a really long time. I think I should improvise the same rule in my family as well. It’s not Obama only, the famous actor Mel Gibson loves to spend his time playing Scrabble while waiting for the movie set. Richard Nixon and Elizabeth II are also among the famous names and devotees of Scrabble.

If you are a Scrabble lover, following 20 words must be on your tips:

  • Hitting a triple letter square such as pepperoni will earn you points and you are off to an amazing start.
  • ‘Za’ slang for Pizza can earn you points.
  • ‘Mujziks’ meaning Russian peasants gives you a highest possible initial score.
  • ‘Aerie’ an eagle nest located at the top of the cliff is a handy word which can help you get rid of the four vowels in one go.
  • ‘Caciques’ a word used for the chief of the tribe by Indian tribes in West Indies. In a game in England in 1982, Dr. Karl Khoshnaw set the record for the highest single word score in Scrabble competition. He played ‘caziques’ across two triple word squares for a total score of 392.
  • The word ‘Faqir’ means monks in the Sufi sect of Islam can help you get rid of the letter ‘Q’ which is the best and the worst letter in the world of Scrabble.
  • ‘Jousted’ used by Wayne Yora for the first time.
  • ‘Quixtory’ means a visionary scheme, action or thought. This was used by Micheal Cresta that stunned the fans of Scrabble.
  • The word ‘Sax’ evolved from single-edges sword used by the Ancient Scandinavia, now is used for a craftsman who uses the tool for punching nail holes in roofing slates.
  • ‘Queue’ used by George Washington can help you get rid of awkward vowels in the rack. It means ‘a braid hanging down the neck’ and ‘a line of people’.
  • ‘Chutzpah’
  • ‘Xi’ a Greek Alphabet which is pronounced as ‘Sigh’ in English.
  • ‘Syzygy’ means ‘alignment of three heavenly bodies’
  • In 2011, ‘Wagyu’ was added to the Scrabble word list for play outside the U.S. and Canada.
  • ‘Yo’ was a word used by the soldiers in WWII which meant present.
  • ‘Zymurgy’ the branch of chemistry that deals with fermentation and wine making.
  • ‘Bezique’ was Winston Churchill’s famous card game. This word can come handy in Scrabble.
  • ‘Flapjack’ is a chewy sweet made from oats.
  • A ‘Qanat’ is a tunnel used in arid regions for irrigation.
  • Solidified lava comes in two forms. ‘Aa’ is rough like cinders. ‘Pahoehoe’, formed from hotter lava, is smooth. Both words are Hawaiian.

The words mentioned above will help you win the game so that you could brag about the win for a really long time.

Niger Richards, a Malaysian Scrabble player is the world’s highest player ever rated, three times world champion of Scrabble, five time National champion of U.S and eleven time champion of Singapore Scrabble Championship.

Scrabble is a great way to pass time positively and effectively. Our world is so over stimulated with television, movies and social media that often we forget the tranquility of such games that could be played with family and friends. Let’s get back to such games which not only increase our command in language but also provide a good time with our loved ones.

Contributed By: Manaal Ayesha Aamer

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