Got Dance?

May 2, 2016 - 4 minutes read



We humans have been inhabitants of this earth for thousands of years. As complex as humans are, we express ourselves in many emotions while always keeping an eye out for new things. With time, we began developing ourselves and began incorporating incremental changes that with time got into perfect systems. Art is one of the things that has been around for a very long time and humans have continuously developed it into masterpieces that are priceless. From cave paintings of wooly mammoths to the Mona Lisa by the ever so famous Leonardo da Vinci, art takes on many forms getting better and better, not to mention more expensive with time. One of those forms is Dance.

Dance by definition means moving ones feet or upper torso or both to a rhythm or beat. This was the basic definition of dance that we all know is obsolete these days. Dance represents more than this. It is not just movements. It is an expression, human feelings, a painted picture depicting a situation and can take on so many forms. Hip hop, tango, salsa are a few of the countless dance forms that have been around for generations and will be around for generations to come. There is even a dance type called the electric slide which has nothing to do with electricity or any sort of passing current.

The ability to dance is titled as a huge talent. To possess such abilities that you can move with the beat, so effectively and so magically that it feels like a well-crafted design is coveted and so rare. People dedicate their whole life to practicing and developing dance and they do it so well that they are able to make a living through this. Famous choreographers and stuntmen and backup dancers will tell you this. Winners of Britain’s got Talent will also agree. Dance is so common that even animals are doing it now. Just you-tube Michael Jacksons cat. Go on, do it, you will be surprised.

But rather than dancing animals and talents across the world, perhaps the greatest item attributed with Dance is the expression of emotions. Letting it all out and expressing yourself in the way that you feel. Tell a story and just let it go. Although dance will always be considered an art form but people do actually feel and they use dance to tell tales on what they are going through with their life.

Happiness is something that is associated with dance and has been proven so from time to time. Many of the people dancing nowadays just do so because they feel happy. Ever wondered why babies jump up and down holding on to something if they feel joy. It’s their dance. And just watching someone jump and groove with a big smile on their face makes up happy. Encourage Dance, encourage dancers. It’s an art, it’s a way of expressing. No matter what it is, as long as you move to the music, it means something.  So next time, if you see someone just doing a little step, you would know that they have a reason for doing that.


Contributed By: Faizan Ali Syed

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