My people are DYING!

May 10, 2016 - 1 minute read

Sorrows and cries
Yet another man dies
No one cares
Is this a rat race?
Time will pass and people will forget
Who owns the blood and who is to blame
Every restless soul is the result of our own vice
Every criminal is the making of our hidden lies
Guns, grenades and gun powder flies
I see bloodshed in every child’s eyes
Sounds of sorrow or a majestic comfort lie
I see them, hear them but cannot suffice
Are they my own people or an enemy in disguise?
They talk of Islam, our leader’s talk of revenge
But all I see is my people dying
This is the death of mankind but no one cares
It’s just part of a game which every cast is playing
A son, A father, A hero
They are all here, grinding away with the myths of time
Time’s passing but all I hear are sorrows and lies
For you it’s just another death
But what I see is that
“My country men are dying”
“My country men are dying”
Everyone is lying and the TRUTH is dying!

Written by: Haider Asfandiyar

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