World Veterinary Day

May 3, 2016 - 3 minutes read


Animals have been benefitting humans from prehistoric times to the modern age. We not only get food in the form of milk and meat but also get strenuous jobs such as ploughing the fields, carrying heavy load and transportation. Although technology has added speed to our lives, we still tend to get some of our work done by animals and when our dearies get sick, veterinarians come in the scene.

Because of our great dependence upon animals, it is mandatory for us to maintain the animals health. The Egyptian Papyrus of Kahun and Vedic literature of Ancient India offer the first written records of veterinary branch of science.

After observing the massive devastation caused by the cattle plague to the French herds, the first veterinary college was founded in France in 1762 in Lyon by Claude Bourgelat. Bourgelat devoted much of his time in investigating and finding a solution to combat the problem. After the establishment of the college, the students were given education and dispatched to overcome the problem. This was soon dealt with and healthy stock was restored.

Professor John Gambee from Veterinary college of Edinburgh invited all the veterinarians from all across Europe to a conference in Hamsburg Germany , where they discussed the epizodic diseases and how can it be dealt with. From this meeting evolved the World Veterinary Association in 1863.

The association aims at spreading and increasing its members globally. Every other year there is a conference held by WVA in a different country in which veterinarians from all across the globe attend it. The discussion usually comprise of concepts new to the veterinary science or any disease that has to be cured and warned about.

It is usually thought that veterinarians are doctors of animals, maintaining animal health only. What is unclear to many is that veterinarians play an important role in maintaining the public health of the society. For example, the zoonotic diseases; that can be transferred from animals to humans, are taken care of by developing vaccines for the animals as well as the humans. Zoonotic diseases include rabies, bird flu and the recent Ebola.

This day is celebrated all across the world with the intention of paying a tribute to the veterinarians who are performing a sacred job of treating animals and preventing humans from different and dangerous diseases. It’s a hallmark of science that the field of veterinary sciences is developing and veterinarians get highly paid jobs in the government sector, all because of the important role they play.

Without them surely our survival would have been at stake.


Contributed By: Manaal Ayesha Aamer

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