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June 11, 2016 - 10 minutes read

I never stood 2nd I got first position in all competitions and remained the Unbeatable climber of Pakistan” by winning consecutive 32 competitions in rock climbing till date


Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am Nazia Parveen. I belong to FATA.By profession I am a rock climber/Paragliding Pilot. I have done my M.Phill in IR from NDU Islamabad. Currently I am vice president of Pakistan Alpine institute, and Vice president of the adventure club Pakistan. Along with that I visit different universities to encourage youth and specially the females. I want to prove Pakistan acapable nation and want to change the stereotypical image of Pakistan women as media always show the negative image of Pakistan and specially the women. Being Pakistani it’s our responsibility to show the world the real face of Pakistan” the Positive Pakistan”.

How this idea to climb came in your mind?

My first experience with rock climbing came through a field trip. I joined a rock climbing competition on 8th march 2010 and got 4th position. That was the most pinching moment in my life when I realized that first time in life I cannot do something which others can, after that I started practice and in November 2010 I took part in a competition and got first position.

After that till date I never stood 2nd I got first position in all competitions and   remained  the “Unbeatable climber of Pakistan” by winning consecutive 32 competitions in rock climbing till date, which Includes, two national championships and 4 times I set record by beating male participants in Pakistani and was the first women of Pakistan who set a history by representing rock climbing on International level in Singapore.

What does climbing mean to you?

Climbing is my passion and obviously I made my passion my profession so it means a lot to me.

How long you have been in this field?

Since childhood I use to play and still along with climbing I do cycling paragliding I play badminton, handball, volley ball and swimming etc. So if we talk about climbing only I am  in this field since 2010.

How do you feel about climbing competition?

Climbing competitions are must for improving your skills. I like competitions because for that I practice with more focus and it improves my climb. In addition it’s a thrill when you   are even under pressure that you have to maintain your status. Winning competition is easy but to maintain your record, its nerve testing. After winning that feeling of achieving something is really different which can’t be expressed in words.

When did you decide that you wanted to become a professional climber?

The day I lost my first competition… I decided I will practice and will become a good climber because my father always told me that you are “Ashraf Ul Makhlooqaat” and you can do anything if you want that’s the reason I like taking challenges.

Have you ever been injured while climbing?

No I am a sensible climber and climb after ensuring full security. I keep safety at top priority and then enjoy climbing. I never got sever injured but got few minor injuries during climbing on different occasions.

What do the best climbers have in common? What sets apart a good climber from a gifted climber?

Good climbers are addicted to climb, they can’t live without trying the new spots. It’s like  addiction once you start you can’t leave this game, gifted climbers climb differently and enjoy climbing more than those who are not natural climbers, gifted climbers enjoy climbing and learn things easily as its in their blood.

What’s your pre-planning routine before climbing a difficult route?

I make my mind before climbing and then climb with focus and take my time during first climb to learn the new spots.

What are your strengths when it comes to climbing? Things you need to work on? 

I am a good decision maker I take decision abruptly and do it because during climb you need to save your energies and that’s make u enjoy the climb too. But I ignore regular exercise which is not a good thing.

What was it like when you reached the top?

I can’t explain that feeling in word, its different to view the world from above.

What do you do when you’re not climbing?

I usually go out for tracking or swimming, cycling, play badminton or any other physical game, or mostly give time to family watch a good movie with them or go out with them.

What do you have planned next? 

I will go for world cup of paragliding or rock climbing InshaAllah. After that I would love to make an institution where I will train females to encourage them to come in this game.

You’ve given to climbing, what has climbing given back to you?

Climbing has taught me how to take decision in difficult time. I am a good decision maker now as during climb you have to be vigilant and on every step u have to take a decision, that makes you a strong nerved person to deal with things in normal life.

Who are your main sponsors? Feel free to give them a nice mention.

FATA Olympic association sponsored my last trip to Singapore and I am thankful to them for supporting me in that marvelous event of my life.

How do you foresee the future of this sport in Pakistan?

When I started there were hardly any female in climbing but after I took part in competitions the number of girls increased and now women of Pakistan actively take part in this game so I think in future this game will become a popular one in Pakistan.

Any other achievement you would like to share with us?

I was the best player of my university for 4 years I did my B.hons from Fatima Jinnah  Women university and won number of competitions inside and outside university.

Of which accomplishment you are most proud of?

I am proud of representing women specially women of Pakistan and then FATA. I am proud of showing the positive side of Pakistan to the world.

What advice you would like to give to new comers of this sport and for those who want to come in it?

I will suggest them to focus and do your best because majority players just come for the sake of fun and don’t take this game seriously, please do your best and you will see the results.

Words for revolution flame?

Its good that you guys are highlighting the positive image of Pakistan and give chance to the youth of Pakistan to express their feelings in a different way.



Date of birth: 20 May

You’re Star: Taurus

Your strength: My family.

Your Trainer: Sajjad Shah President PAFF, Usman Tariq, Imran Junaidi.

Favourite accessories: Wrist watches I have a good collection of watches too.

One thing you don’t like about yourself: hahah well m not good at judging people I trust   every one. Secondly I am a straight forward person so mostly people don’t feel comfortable with me…

Five words your friends use to describe you:

They say m loud, straight forward, over confident at times haha.

Basic reason behind your success is: The support of my family specially the way my parents encourage and support.

Thanks Nazia!! We wish you all the best for your future life and looking forward to see you in many great sports competitions participating at your best.

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Interviewed by: Sara Khan (Executive Social Media)

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