I Fear

June 24, 2016 - 1 minute read

Sketch by Muhammad Humam

I fear the world when the sun is gone
I fear the time when the star shone
I fear the moon when it is full
I fear the night’s frightening tone
I fear the crack, of my grave
I fear what lurks inside the groove
I fear the day to meet thy Lord
I fear the hour when the shrouds remove
I fear the hell, open wide
I fear the time when the Lord decide
I fear the hold of Satan’s grasp
I fear the sound of hell’s rasp
I’ve done many wrongs some rights too
I’ve been through peace and fights too
I’ve killed and saved some lives too
I’ve made some links and rives too
My limbs so strong but now I stumble
My fate is now in the struggle
I went to Him with legs bent
My head in bow and back is spent
My hands spread wide
And my proud is dent
I ask the Lord to forgive me
Raze all my sins and give me
A chance to step away from hell
A chance to earn the garden’s well


Written by: Bilal Khan

Artwork by: Muhammad Humam

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