PUAN conducts activity at SOS Village Rawalpindi

June 11, 2016 - 4 minutes read

Some 130 people gathered in the event hall of SOS Village, Rawalpindi to listen to medical doctors from Fauji Foundation Hospital, Rawalpindi deliver a talk on Health and Hygiene. The awareness workshop was held in SOS village, Rawalpindi from 0930 AM to 1130 AM (June 4th, 2016) and the sessions were led by four medical doctors from Fauji Foundation Hospital, Rawalpindi. The activity was kicked off by organizer Ahsaan Rizvi who welcomed the audience and presented the event outline. He thanked the audience, volunteers and SOS Village for providing support in realizing the event. He introduced the doctors amid tremendous excitement and cheers from the audience. The audience consisted of kids belonging to different age-groups ranging from 3 years to as high as 15 years.

With a loud cheer from the kids the first session began when Dr. Samar Rizvi talked about the importance of cleanliness in preventing diseases and living in a healthier environment in an interactive manner. Focus was on the basics and rudimentary concepts so that the participants could actually implement what they learned in the workshop. Dr. Nudrat, Dr. Beenish Amin, and Dr. Farhat Malik delivered the core theme of Health and Hygiene by explaining the proper process of washing hands before and after meals, brushing teeth twice a day, taking a shower on a daily basis and wearing clean clothes. Kids demonstrated active participation by answering questions and sharing their commitment towards a cleaner environment. Noman Gul, a primary class student, answered most of the questions when asked in the session by the doctors.

The excitement rose higher when the sessions namely “color your favorite fruit”, and “drawing and posting” took place. The participants were provided with markers and coloring sheets and asked to fill colors in their favorite fruits. Fakhar Ejaz was the first participant to complete the coloring and his favorite fruit turned out to be a water melon. A soft board was specially arranged to bring the creative skills of kids to limelight. Participants drew flowers, hearts, trees, and faces on yellow post-its and pasted it onto the soft board which demonstrated creativity of the children. It was both surprising and gratifying to see that a simple activity such as this would bring smiles across the hall. Majority of these kids had gone through extraordinary hardships yet their resilience was sky high. Before anyone knew, a strong bond of love and care was established between the kids and the volunteers.

The event reached its climax when the most awaited “face-painting” session began. All the volunteers took brushes and paints to spread colors in the hall. Volunteers Midhat Khalil and Aish lead the session by painting hearts, flowers, and names on hands and face of the children. Whether the paint was on hands or face, happiness was evident on everyone’s face. Pictures were taken throughout the event courtesy of the volunteer Mr. Vaqas Arshad.

Snacks were distributed to conclude the activity. A brief ceremony was held to convey thanks to the volunteers by presenting them with the certificates. The certificates were handed over to the volunteers by SOS Village Rawalpindi Manager Ms. Fatima and and activity organizer Mr. Ahsaan Rizvi. Ms. Fatima thanked all the volunteers and Pakistan-US Alumni Network (PUAN) for their efforts and commitment in organizing the whole workshop.