Once upon a time in a village

September 30, 2016 - 1 minute read


Once upon a time

In a sweet little village

Lived a sweet little girl

The daughter of an earl

With dark grey eyes & jet black hair

She looked like a princess of those who were fair

Dreaming of her charming prince

Singing songs of love and feel

She waited for him to come one day

And take her from the world away

Singing like a nightingale

Standing by the balcony’s rail

Proposed by even the Prince of Wales

But each effort to no avail

Dancing like a Barbie doll

Looking for her Barbie pal

Friendly nature yet had no friends

She didn’t follow the modern trends

Because she was fair, but no one was sincere

Love them, she did, still they left her anywhere

Rejections now and rejections then

Made her hate each and every friend

And then he came as a silent wind

Her sweet and patient charming prince

Love her, if he did, she never knew

For, he never gave her an “I Love You.”

Poem by: Tayyaba Seher Khan

Sketch By: Muhammad Humam

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