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October 30, 2016 - 16 minutes read

Ahsan Ayaz is a professional squash player with a world Ranking of 233 (16 Aug, 2016)


Some of his achievements in the field of squash are as under:

  • National Champion of U/11
  • National Champion of U/13
  • Asian Champion of U/15
  • National Champion of U/17
  • Currently National Champion of U/19

Ahsan tell us a bit about you?

I am Ahsan Ayaz from Peshawar, Pakistan. I grew up in Peshawar, as a child I originally wanted to be a Gymnast, and then later became interested in Squash. Started my career in Squash when I was 10 years old. Passionate in the field of Squash. Donated almost my 8 years of life to this prestigious game of Squash.

How this idea came in your mind that you should play squash?

I don’t belong to any of the Squash Families. But I am the guy who always thinks to do multiple tasks like, to be the best in more than one job. When I was in Class Six I thought to continue something different along with my Studies. The idea of squash came in my mind because I live near Squash Court, then I decided to play Squash and to be the best at it no matter what happens in life.

Your first match in national event and then on International level tell us about that?

I played Squash for 6 months and I was selected in PAF Junior Academy in Peshawar. I went to Lahore for my first National match represented PAF. I lost in the finals and went through quite Tough battles in Quarters and Semi’s. I saw the competition among the National Players then I realized that Squash is not an easy game. Working hard so far in this Field is not enough. Because I thought if at National level the competition is this much high so what would be at international? I started working harder and harder to fulfill my aim to be at the top. After becoming National junior champion consecutively for 5 years in under 11, under 13 and under15 I went out and played KL junior Open in Malaysia and won the title in under 17. Can’t explain that moment in words.

What difficulties you have faced when you started this game?

My dad always used to force me towards Studies. For 6 month he was not interested in my field of Squash. But when I came back from Lahore with a Runner up Trophy in National junior Event. He started supporting my career along with Studies and all. My Dad always proved to be a huge support of mine.

How long you have been in this field?

I started playing Squash almost at the age of 10 and have been playing squash for almost 8 years. I swear these 8 years seems nothing, time passes with a blink of an eye.

How many laurels you have brought for this country?

Nothing made me more proud then Winning World junior Squash Championship 2016 after 8 years for Pakistan and Won a PSA 5k Malaysian Tour lV 2016 .These are the two big achievements of my Career. Being a World Junior Champion I have won 45 National Junior Events. I have been Runner Up in 8 junior events. I won 4 international Junior Events. Beside these Achievements I am the Winner of ISAM PRO PSA 1k Open Marin, California ,America 2016 and Hassan Baddar pro Open Dubai 2014 at senior Level.

Squash not being a sport widely covered by our media, what’s your opinion about squash events coverage by Pakistan media, how you want it to be?

It has always been a complain of every single professional Squash Player. We have ruled this game all over the world and each player has proven himself time to time .As you know Squash is an Indoor game. It has fewer crowds as compare to Football and Cricket. MEDIA should give coverage to this Sport as Cricket so that more Crowds can come over because this motivates a player.

Who are your main sponsors? Feel free to give them a nice mention.

My dad was responsible for more than 3 years of mine National and International expenses then i was sponsored by PIA and Pakistan Squash Federation. So these three are my current sponsors.

Are you satisfied with the sponsorships you are getting for international tours?

As I am representing PIA and Pakistan National Academy.so somehow I get tickets from PIA and Pakistan Squash Federation since last 1 and half year. But still my Dad is responsible for my foreign expenses, which is hard enough. There are plenty of different companies in Pakistan. In my point of view they should sponsor the players who deserves.

What are the things you are working on right now to improve your game?

I have divided my day in three sessions for Squash as I am Free from Studies nowadays. I have a proper program for Squash. I have 2 hours physical training early in the morning at 5 o clock. Then 2 hours court training with coach at 9 to 11 and then I have 2 hours in evening from 3 to 5 o’clock for drills and games with different players. Other than I use to spend time in gym according to the schedule.

Tell us about your training camps, are you satisfied with it?

I have learned a lot from my training camps. It made me more punctual, set up my mind for every goal and even though made me hard working. Camps have proper physical trainers and proper coaches. And all the requirements for camps where professional players are being trained are managed by Pakistan Squash Federation itself.

How do you prepare yourself mentally when you enter in squash court to play a game?

As you know Squash is more a mental game. You have to play more mentally than physically. Before step on to the Squash Court I always keep my Opponent on mind and vary my game plans according to his Strategies. The Variation works with opponent to opponent. But here Self-confidence works more than anything.

How do you teach yourself to become more and better?

The mistakes done by me during my each and every single match is a strong lesson for me to overcome them for the future because I am the only best teacher of my own. My mistakes makes me enough stronger than before.

How do you see yourself in future?

After winning world junior Squash team Championship 2016 and Malaysian tour IV PSA 5k 2016 really boosts up my confidence level. Because these are the biggest achievements in my Career. While going to court every day along with my achievements in my mind motivate me to play hard and harder, obviously this mentality will always give you a bright future.

What do you think is the most challenging thing for you in your field?

The most challenging thing for me in my field is to keep my future in mind and reach at the top level i.e. to be the world champion In Shaa ALLAH.

Any remarkable experience you would like to share with us?

As I told earlier I did my studies along with my squash and am good in multitasking. Life does not have perfect timing for anything but I truly believed in my potential and when I defended Junior National title on squash court and gave my exams too, that is when I really realized my potential as someone who can break the barriers of being a player and someone who is well educated as well.

The first person of your squash that comes in your mind and why?

Peshawar that always has been a strong hold on Squash throughout the whole course of history and the players of this Area have proven themselves time and again. PAKISTAN produced many legends E.g: Qamar Zaman, Jahangir Khan and Jansher etc are the persons who always come to my mind to be like them and bring the lost glories of Pakistan once again.

You have learned the most from?

The mistakes done by me during my each and every single match is a strong lesson for me to overcome them for the future because I am the only best teacher of my own. My mistakes make me enough stronger. Beside this my dad is a good teacher of mine who teaches me on each and every single step of life.

What advice you would like to give to new players of Squash and for those who want to come in this field? What essentials are required to start this game at very first?

The advice I would like to give to the Beginners is that squash is an Individual game; they should be passionate and hardworking. Nothing comes without hard work. Inside the court they should give all what they have, and finally the ground will be yours. And for those who want to join this field, its an Amazing sports. Should come over and join it. The proper essentials for this field are that you should be in a proper sports kit, proper Squash shoes and a squash racket in the hand.

Any message for youth?

A special Message for the youths from my side is to take part in sports. Because its a very wrong concept of Pakistani nation who think its difficult to get success in two fields at a time as many parents force their kids only towards studies. I totally oppose this Concept. In my point of view taking Part in two fields make you feel a Unique Personality which gives you motivation and encouragement and Gives you more a bright Future.

Words for Revolution Flame?

I am very much thankful to the Revolution flame for giving me an Opportunity to express my inner feelings. A huge Thanks for this Great work to promote Sports and keeping eyes on what’s going on around the world.


Date of birth:  October5, 1998
You’re Star:  Libra
Your strength: I am Ambitious and Confident and more ever my family is my Strength.
You motivation: Self Confidence and My Parents
Five words your friends use to describe you: Smart, talented, Hardworking, Ambitious and Compassionate.
Basic reason behind your success is: My Hard work, My Parents and Nation’s Prayers
Of which accomplishment you are most proud of?: By Winning world junior Squash team Championship 2016.
One thing you don’t like about yourself: Not Involved in other Sports
We wish you all the best for your future life and more success ahead. Keep on   rocking squash courts.
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Interviewed by: Sara Khan (Executive Social Media)

Some of his achievements in the field of squash are as under


Malaysian Tour 4TH Squash Championship PSA 5K 2016 (Winner)
ISAM Pro Open California PSA open 1k 2016 (Winner)
Hassan Baddar International Cup 2014 Dubai (Winner)

All Pakistan Governor Cup National Junior Squash Championship 2014 Peshawar (Winner)
3rd Hassan Baddar International Junior Squash Championship 2014 DUBAI (Winner U 19)

National Junior Squash Championship Rawalpindi 2012(Winner)
KPK National Junior  Squash Championship 2013(Winner)
3rd Rehana Nazar National Junior Squash Championship 2013(Winner)
REDTONE  7th  KL  Junior  Open Squash  Championship 2013 MALAYSIA (Winner U17)
PARCO-4th Roshan Khan Asian  Junior Open  Squash Championship 2011 (Winner)
CAS’ National Junior Squash Championship 2011(Winner)
5th DG Rangers Sindh National Junior Squash Championship2011(Winner)
PARCO-3rd Roshan Khan National Junior Squash Championship 2011 (Winner)
Rawalpindi National Junior Squash Championship(Winner)
KPK National Junior Open  Squash Championship(Winner)
District Junior Squash Championship 2010 (Winner)
DG Rangers Sindh National Junior Squash Championship (Winner)
1st Rehana Nazar National Junior Squash Championship (Winner)
KPK National Junior Squash Championship (Winner)
PST-Roshan Khan National Junior Squash Championship (Winner)
KPK National Junior Open  Squash Championship (Winner)

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