10 Things You Need to Stop Doing to Yourself

1. Stop Spending Time with Wrong People: I know it’s very tempting and all and…

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ambassador of month february

Ambassador Of Month | February’13

1: How do you define yourself? I am a fun loving person with a positive…

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Ambassador Of Month | Januaury’13

1. How do you define yourself? I’m an extremely moody person who’s over sensitive and…

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iffrah malik ambassador of month revolution flame igniter

Ambassador Of Month December’12

1:How do you define yourself? I’m somebody who’s very friendly,down-to-earth and a fairly funny person….

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GIMUN One of  the largest event in GIKI, with institutions from all over the country…

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AirEx Innovation Challenge’12

An All-Pak Competition from AIAA-GIKI where students across the nation will lock horns in scintillating…

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289/365 Scared are the souls And so are the trees From His Oneness! Written By:…

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dew drop

Final Destination

283/365     A dew drop Came with the night Stayed on a leaf Fell…

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PIEAS PIEAS is now ranked as the No. 1 Engineering institute by HEC for the…

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