frustrated feelings barbedwire

For The Reasons Unknown

312/365 The festivities going on, On delicacies, people savoring on, Insomniac, here I stand Eyes…

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divine mosque


301/365 The place where you get lost in yourself to find the meaning of your…

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Sloth September was never this much splendid before for Engineering & IT students, compliments to…

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rural women day

International Day of Rural Women

World Rural Women’s Day was organized by a huge number of ¬†international NGOs during the…

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257/365 An empty cauldron was my heartIn pieces was it torn apartIt Craves for mercySearches…

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conceptual flower


  255/365 Handle the femininity with the softest and gentlest of your touch, one harsh…

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A Leader Apart

The world has witnessed many people come and leave. Every single day, every single second…

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Best Friend Qualities


“True friends are those who make your problem their problem so you dont have to…

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I Volunteered Report

Report Written By :¬†Atif Syed This Ramadan Revolution Flame organized a very unique competition, the…

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