green flame

Thou Ask Me

Thou ask me, Who she is? What she is? O! She is- A devastated creature,…

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girl and boy holding hand

The Elixir of Your life

By Tayyeba Irum Let the dark void spin; And your soul explode, So your eyes…

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Volunteers of PHH

A Day with NICH Children

A nation striving for motivation and goodwill stands proud as a young group of enthusiasts…

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myth special infinitron

Infinitron | The Myths Special | October 2013

Myths are described as ancient stories which deal with supernatural beings or even heroes. They…

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A Silent Commotion

In a silent commotion, Of pride and woe– He crushed her soul, Depleted her, Like…

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Behind that dark alley

The night was pitch black and the stars were twinkling brightly up in the sky….

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Illuminating thoughts for brain

“We read to know that we are not alone”. Read these illuminating thoughts as food…

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There are still some people in this world who really do believe that ; “Kindness…

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RJ Wes Malik Voice Of Pakistan

Wes Malik – Voice of Pakistan

Wes Malik- a broadcasting luminaryWhen a hectic day at college or laborious working hours at…

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