Under the crimson sky, witnessed The Universe in a jolting gaze When humans shed their…

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Hepatitis – Confront it before it kills you

We all are very familiar with the word “liver”, but do you know what it…

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R-Fusion Blood Donors Available

R-Fusion programme is to recruit blood donors for Blood Banks, City Blood Transfusion Councils and…

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pregnant, women, death, WHO, blood

#New Discovery | Are You My Type?

In the rapidly advancing modern era where the Football World Cup 2014 opens with an…

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Answers to Common Excuses for Not Donating Blood

As we are trying to recruit blood donors from our networks, we probably encounter many…

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Statue Eye

Fabricated Identites

  185/365   The Riches, the love, the greed, Mixed in a laminated liquor filled…

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The Reel of our Nation

  180/365   The cassette of my nation got stuck, I press replay, And lo!…

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