6 Amazing DIY Soda Can Items

The empty soda canisters can be put to good use if applied a little effort…

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Wooden decoration

 “Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you…

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Garden Art

Are you one of the intense plant lovers? If yes, then you need to treat…

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PET Bottles Wreath | DIY

Make a beautiful Christmas wreath out of PET bottles via your own hands. Take some…

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Sock Snow Man | DIY

Winter, socks, snowmen…. Don’t all of them sound synonymous? As if they were always meant…

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DIY plastic bottle vase

How to make a Plastic Bottle Flower Vase | DIY

We can optimize the lifespan of plastic bottles by reusing and recycling them as many…

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Sweater Shoes

Make your own Sweater Shoes | DIY

If you ever want to throw your old sweater away, think again. There are many…

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VIntage Suitcase in to chair revolution flame diy

How To Turn Your Vintage Suitcases Into Chairs?

I loved the idea of up cycling things like vintage suitcase into chair. Ordinarily most people…

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Sculptures Made From Pencils


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