1st Position I Volunteered Pari Shmael's Story (2)

I Volunteered 2013 – Results

Sneak Peak I Volunteered Here is what we aim to achieve? Revive a volunteer sleeping…

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I Volunteered – An Idea to Bring Cheers

I have this friend who’s like “all work and no play” , the maximum he…

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Happy Endings

346/365   Through the wilderness and despair Comes the hope and longing To live what…

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Game of Life

343/365 It occurs in my mind, When the childhood I rewind Games played for the…

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life & death

Life and Death

331/365 Between thy,Miseries ofDemise and spirit.There lies,A ray of hopeThe ‘Faith’. Written By: Hira Nazir…

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I Saw A Tear

328/365 One day, quite early a morning At my door somebody knocked A beggar it…

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Live Your Life

327/365 Its a short time we got here A moment that passes by We can…

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311/365 Faith is when you reach the edge & still have the strength to believe…

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Locking My Faith

306/365   There wasn’t any noise, not even in remote background. No barking dogs, nor…

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