A Clever Way To Reuse Something From The Bathroom

Last weekend I had a creative idea while I was holding an empty toilet paper…

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Inbuilt with sense of designing meet Farah Lakhani | Feature Interview

1.       Please tell us a little bit about your background. Where are you originally from?…

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Save Energy Compaign – Stealing Electricity

  We all are frustrated of high bills of electricity, water and gas.  May be…

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reinvent master

You Need to Master the Rules Before You Can Reinvent Them

I was busy in bundle of things, I had to meet some friends, I had…

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save energy get little angles onboard

Save Energy – Get little angels on board to Energy Movement

Well Energy has never been good friends with me. I seriously doubt that these people…

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save energy quality is what Matters

Save Energy – Quality Is What Matters

  So you be thinking that I am a paid puppet of Quality management Cell…

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Save Energy – Drop Flows An Ocean

The term ‘saving energy’, usually, carries me to my past, when to me, the only…

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Qualities of Successful People

What is the quality that all the successful people have in common?  They have mastered…

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Save Energy – An entrepreneur’s Story from Africa

On the long, bumpy drive to her grandmother’s house in Accra, Ghana, seven-year-old Sarah Dimson…

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