Cherish your Parents, while you can!

Parents truly are gifts from God. Such a gift that we are blessed with them…

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girl holding sun, silhouette

It’s all about vision

She was moving here and there just to get rid off the spell which the…

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I Discovered God!

Crestfalling is the day and woebegoning the night, Losing my insight but undaunted and upright,…

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محبت کچھ نہیں لیکن

محبت کچھ نہیں لیکن  ..پھر بھی بہت کچھ ہے محبت !مایوسیوں میں امید کا ستارا…

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lost travellor


It was another fine, apparently calm and serene evening when she was standing on the…

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Holy Essence

  211/365 The soul isn’t satisfied with the prey thus we all are obliged to…

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Light Rays

127/365   And Man’s intellect sometimes does fail, But the world is never out of…

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divine god help

O Allah !!

  106/365     O Allah! Whenever I came in front of You, my all…

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Look! He is There

  86/365   Oh you crown of nature! Wake up from the slumber of ignorance,…

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