1st Position I Volunteered Pari Shmael's Story (2)

I Volunteered 2013 – Results

Sneak Peak I Volunteered Here is what we aim to achieve? Revive a volunteer sleeping…

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I Volunteered- Make Our Society A Happy Place

Pehli Kiran School children- Making them Smile costs nothing but your time. In the Fall…

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I Volunteered – My Mother, My Heaven..

You know that the Mother is the one in the family who’s responsible for pretty much everything,…

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I Volunteered- Gifted Hands..!!

I knew a girl for quite a while, and when I finally got the opportunity…

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I Volunteered – Destinations unlimited

This Ramazan the team of Destinations Unlimited organized an Iftar for needy people by utilizing…

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The Gold Fish

I Volunteered – The Gold Fish

Everyone loves to keep a pet or pets. He nurtures the beautiful creature with deep…

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I for Infidel

I Volunteered – I for Infidel

Giving back in simple ways is all we have sometimes, and if we can afford…

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I Volunteered – A small attempt to bring HAPPINESS

There’s this Aaya Jii (Maid) at our university, I often talk to her in between…

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I Volunteered – Happiness that never ends

The National Youth Assembly (NYA) launched their Feed Hungry Campaign in 2011 during Ramadan which…

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