I Volunteered – Respect The Differences

Today we had to submit an assignment and well most of us were ready. A…

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The Flood Affected

I Volunteered – The Flood Affectees

When he came to senses he put my hand on his head, his skull was…

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The Cute Boy Ali

I Volunteered – The cute boy Ali

‘I Volunteered’ and reading all the wonderful things people do to bring smiles moved me…

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I Volunteer – Happiness

Eid is a time when kids are eager to celebrate and enjoy each and every…

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Pocket Money for the poor

I Volunteer – Pocket Money for the Poor

I know it wasn’t something big, but in the end, I am happy that I…

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Working for an NGO

I Volunteer – Working for an NGO

There came a day when I practically had to visit those misery-stricken places. I was…

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24 minutes for the sorrowful

I Volunteer – 24 minutes for the sorrowful

It was about 8:30 pm and I was surfing internet when my mum called me…

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I Volunteered – An Idea to Bring Cheers

I have this friend who’s like “all work and no play” , the maximum he…

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I Volunteered – A few minutes to make someone smile

This was on a day when I went to F9 park. I got in a…

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