Under the crimson sky, witnessed The Universe in a jolting gaze When humans shed their…

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Every time that I stare around, it’s overwhelming with all the sounds. There’s just so…

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Searching The Lost Soul

Even though you think you know me Maybe it’s not who I’m meant to be….

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divine mosque


301/365 The place where you get lost in yourself to find the meaning of your…

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299/365 نہ جانے کس کی دعاؤں کے زیر اثر رہتا ہوں.. میں کون ہوں؟ کیا…

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World map

On the Globe

  187/365     I thought I was a prominent person, before I actually tried…

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Dark Alley

  3 /365   I stand here in the dark alley Waiting for you ……

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