tragedy chaklala

Clouds of Sorrow and Raining Souls

  110/365     Again today, the sky came down, Devastating thunderous, over and under,…

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Army soldiers

Deep in the Womb of Snow

  98/365     In the icy hills, with snow all around … Patrolling was…

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National DAy

Green and White

  83/365   Our Inspiration Our Pride Amidst all adversaries They hold us unite Every…

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Hills Pakistan People

Look At Me

  82/365   Look at me and you’ll see reminiscence of an illustrious past Ask…

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Electrifying Pakistan

  55/365     Will there be ever be some peace in here? , I…

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Get Your Dreams_The first ever Oscar Award winner from Pakistan

53/365     “For all those women in Pakistan working for change, do not give…

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Save Earth Green Wallpapers

Lets Get Green to Save Earth

Have you wondered why we need to Save Earth? Since the industrial revolution, we have…

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Siah Ayena [Featured Video]

Acid throwing is one of common crimes against women in Pakistan. The violence against women…

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Happy Independance Day Pakistan

Happy Independence Day to all. A prayer for prosperity of Pakistan, for the love of…

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