Happy Endings

346/365   Through the wilderness and despair Comes the hope and longing To live what…

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One Color, Many Shades

275/365 It flew!Bewildered and confused,Without any despair.That’s the Strength.It danced!Blithely and mirthfully,When blooming spring arrived.That’s…

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273/365 You discard,I clasp,Adverse to youFortune; as I see it.By: Komal Chaudhry Photo Credits: Salman Saeed

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turns of life

Turns of Life

272/365 Wrong turnWrong edgeI finally recognizeBut its the end.Written By: Komal Chaudhry Photo Credits: Ahmed Rasheed

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271/365 Snapped in twoFlung awayMore tiresTo be burnedWritten By: Anas Shafqat Photo Credits: Ahmed Rasheed

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The Symphony of Life

264/365 The upraising soundof the riotous splashes,The melodic peepingof the joyous birds,The shrieking criesof the…

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This Is Faith

263/365 Sunday market,A lot of vendorsReady to sell,Fruits and vegetables,All have same things to sell,Still…

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A Walk in Autumn Garden

262/365 In the aged garden of autumn,I walked aimlesslyThe garden that was ominous and dismal,Yellow and…

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261/365 وہ جس کے ساتھ طے کرنی ہیں جسم اور روح کی سبھی مسافتیں زندگی کے تمام…

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