Under the crimson sky, witnessed The Universe in a jolting gaze When humans shed their…

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Cute Beehive From Paper Rolls

If you want to add some fun and colour to your kids’ room, try this…

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Donate Lighthouses

Hey There I’m Libby! The dilemma with Pakistan is not just illiteracy and poverty but…

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Stop Trying To Be Happy

Completing a marathon makes us happier than eating a chocolate cake. Raising a child makes…

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Staged or Random Beggars

Staged or Random Beggar

On the signal near flashman’s hotel, there’s a little girl perhaps 8 years old who…

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change your world contest

Change Your World Contest

Designers are always learning, always evolving, they are true agents of change, in their lives…

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E-Hell on Earth | Agbogbloshie

As the pace of consumer electronic production exploded at the turn of the 21st century,…

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Save Energy Compaign – Stealing Electricity

  We all are frustrated of high bills of electricity, water and gas.  May be…

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reinvent master

You Need to Master the Rules Before You Can Reinvent Them

I was busy in bundle of things, I had to meet some friends, I had…

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